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Pandemic Flu

The winter weather brings an increase in cases of flu – short for influenza – which is a highly infectious viral illness that is spread by coughing and sneezing.

For many people flu is a nasty experience – like a very bad cold but worse -  with the symptoms of headache, fever, sore throat aching joints and muscles making you retreat to your bed. For some, flu can be even worse, causing more serious illnesses or even result in death.


If you think you have flu remember, help stop germs spreading by:


CATCH IT - Germs spread easily.  Always carry tissues and use them to catch your cough or sneeze.  

BIN IT - Germs can live for several hours on tissues.  Dispose of them as soon as possible  

KILL IT - Hands can transfer germs to any surface you touch.  Clean your hands as soon as you can.


If you are worried then phone 111



If you are eligible then get a flu vaccination, to find out more go to the Healthy Suffolk flu campaign or down load the Public Health England Winter 2017/18 Flu Vaccination leaflet.


Information about limiting the spread of germs can be found on NHS choices stay well this winter website.


The government has produced extensive guidance for Pandemic Flu covering the risks and sector specific guidance.


Suffolk Resilience Forum has adopted the Pandemic Influenza Response Framework as our local plan.