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Community Emergency Planning Resources

Information Report

The Information Report can be used to gather relevant information about the incident.


Standard Operating Procedure - Rest Centre

The Standard Operating Procedure provides the generic procedures required to operate a Rest Centre.


Building Handover 

On arrival at the building premises complete the Building Handover form to identify and evidence, any areas of concern or damage.


Risk Assessment 

Risk Assessments should be undertaken to minimise risk of injury to evacuees and staff alike.


Registration Form 

The Registration Form  is used to register evacuees coming into the Rest Centre.


Temporary Exit Log

The Temporary Exit Log is used to note when evacuees leave the Rest Centre but intend on returning.


Rest Centre Follow up 

The Rest Centre Follow Up form should be used in conjunction with the Registration form if evacuees need any further support or help.


If you have any questions about any of the above documents please contact your local Emergency Planning Officer.