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Multi-agency plans

The Suffolk Resilience Forum develops plans to deal with high and very high risks as identified on the Suffolk Community Risk Register.   The suite of plans cover generic plans which detail how we respond as a multi-agency group to any incident in Suffolk;  site specific plans (these are normally covered by separate legislation requiring that we plan for incidents); hazard specific plans (which are assessed as High or Very High on the Suffolk Community Risk Register or are publicly sensitive) and supporting plans which cover capabilities that could be employed as a result of any incident occurring.

Most plans are publicly available, see below, a few are redacted under the Data Protection Act,  a few are not publicly available due to their sensitive nature.

Generic Plans

Site Specific Plans

SRF Radiation Emergency Plan
Public Version (pdf, 4,148KB)
Calor Gas, Saxham, External Emergency Plan
Public Version (pdf, 933KB)

Hazard Specific Plans

Flood Plan
(pdf, 1.6MB)
Severe Weather Plan
(pdf, 465KB)
Marine Pollution Plan
(pdf, 2.91MB)

Supporting Plans

Communications Plan
(pdf, 341KB)
Mass Fatalities Plan
Public Version (pdf, 5.6MB)