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What is the Suffolk Resilience Forum?

The Suffolk Resilience Forum (SRF) is a multi-agency group that provides strategic / tactical and operational guidance and support on the planning for the multi-agency response to a major incident.

The SRF is the principal mechanism for multi-agency cooperation under the Civil Contingencies Act, 2004 and its boundaries are based on local policing boundaries.


  • To promote cooperation between organisations in their preparation for response to a major emergency;
  • To promote joint training and exercising and integrate this as part of the preparations of the individual organisations;
  • To provide a forum for the consideration of emergency response issues where there are implications for more than one agency;
  • To support agreed courses of action where mutual benefit has been identified;
  • To provide an opportunity for the exchange of information; and
  • To risk assess hazards within and to Suffolk.

A number of different agencies and organisations come together to form the Suffolk Resilience Forum, which has the common aim of ensuring that Suffolk is prepared for emergencies.

The diversity provided by all of these different agencies and organisations enables the forum to perform its functions effectively.

The Civil Contingencies Act, 2004 gives a category to the different agencies and organisations who belong to the forum, those who are involved in responding are defined as Category 1 Responders and those who may be called upon to provide essential support during an incident are Category 2 Responders. 

The Suffolk Resilience Forum Business Plan (pdf, 448 KB) provides an overview of the governance, working arrangements and work programme for the year.

The Suffolk Resilience Forum contact 01473 263610