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The Suffolk Resilience Forum (SRF) is a statutory partnership through which agencies involved in civil contingencies routinely work together to prepare Suffolk for emergencies. See about for more information.

The SRF is not a formal organisation, nor does it have powers to direct its members.  At the highest level, the SRF provides a mechanism for Chief Officers of responder agencies to agree on the co-ordination, information sharing and co-operation of individual areas. This means that subsequent multi-agency response and recovery is:


a.   Risk based.

b.   Pre-planned.

c.   Embedded within individual area Business/Service Plans.

d.   Allocated appropriate and trained resources.

e.   Exercised at appropriate levels and frequency.

f.    Validated from an internal and external perspective.

g.   Flexible to respond to changing environments or emergency situations.

h.   Cost effective and community focused.


To achieve this integrated effect, the SRF agrees annually a Community Risk Register that allows a structure of standing contingency plans/protocols to be developed by a lead responding agency.

Detailed partnership work is undertaken through the regular fortnightly working days, ‘Working on Wednesdays’ (WOW) by all local responders and through a limited number of Working Groups.

For more information, see the SRF Business Plan.

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